Culinary spices are plant-based flavorings used to season and preserve food. They come mainly from dried seeds, fruits, flowers, leaves or bark, seasoning food while it is being cooked or marinated, so that the recipe is left with an unbeatable flavor.
SHN is one of the largest distributors and suppliers of spices in Iran. With more than 10 years of experience in the food sector, we create spices under the highest quality standards that the market needs, with 100% food grade products, providing all our clients with innovation and optimization of their processes.


Tomato powder

Red chili powder


Turmeric powder

Black peper powder

Ginger powder

Cardamom powder

Garlic powder

Fried powder

Thyme powder

Onion powder


​​Sun-dried onion​​​​​​​

​Sun-dried mint

Sun-dried dill

​Sun-dried garlic

​​Sun-dried laurel​​​​​​​

​​Sun-dried sweet basil​​​​​​​

​​Sun-dried coriander​​​​​​​

 more sun-dried vegetables 

​For factories

​We can supply the suitable spices and seasoning for factories according to their orders.we rocommend consulting our experts for more information.

Feel free to order your product for any packaging model you want. We mostly supply in bulk quantities, so we offer our products in bulk packing weights. However, if a customer needs their order in their desired size and weight,packaging materials can be put to use as per customer wish. We can add any other information per customer's request on their boxes. we recommend consulting our experts for the most suitable packaging according to the product you want.

Our Co is ready to prepare and export your products based on your desired packaging and label. Not only you can order your products by SHNLabel on it, but also SHN CO allows customers to design their own label based on their interests including their name, logo, address or anything else according to their need.Let the globe get familiar with your brand story and make impressive impressions through SHN’s custom-designed packaging.






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