Date Paste

We can provide date paste with different colors base on different kinds of dates and also different moisture percentage.

Date Paste is new product of date. It is produced from raw and natural dates Pieces that are cleaned and pitted. SHN Date Paste is a natural and highly nutritious ingredient for the Human Consumption in home usages and industrial usages. We use it as snack complementary in the afternoon or breakfast and also most of confectionery factories use it for their products.

It is a natural, vegan fruit based sweetener and healthy sugar substitute that you can use in place of honey or maple syrup in recipes in bakery, sweat industry, Confectionery, Food additive and etc.
Date pastes taste like a delightful mix of honey, caramel, and cinnamon.
Date paste is an excellent sugar-free alternative to white sugar that is great for sweetening muffins, cakes, and all types of desserts. 
Date pastes are energy-efficient foods and are the best food for the body when it needs more energy. It is a good alternative to refined sweeteners. On the other hand, it has a high nutritional value. Natural iron found in date paste increases the red blood cells and thus reduces the risk of anemia.
In addition to iron, it is rich in potassium and manganese. Eating it with breakfast or warm milk in the morning can activate the nerve cells.

Fixed and uniform quality, no use of preservatives and essential oils or thickeners, high shelf life and preserving physical properties over time, high heat resistance, pasteurization and no external additives, usability in cake and muffins are the main distinguishing features of DAH Date paste between similar products.
Due to the following advantages, DAH date paste can be used in the production of various kinds of food:
+ Shelf-lif
+ Being fireproof
+ Very reasonable price (compared to marmalade)
+ Consistency (unlike marmalade, dates are not absorbed by the cake and its consistency and volume are maintained)
+ Very good market and popularity due to the increasing number of natural products consumers​​​​​​​

Distinguishing characteristics of SHNDate paste​​​​​​​

Culinary enthusiasts can use Iranian black date syrup as a versatile ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes.
In baking, the syrup can be used as a natural sweetener in cakes, cookies, and bread, adding a unique depth of flavor.
It can also be drizzled over pancakes, waffles, or yogurt for a delicious and nutritious breakfast option.
Iranian black date syrup can be incorporated into salad dressings or marinades to enhance the flavor profile of savory dishes.
The syrup can be used to sweeten beverages such as tea, coffee, or smoothies, providing a natural and wholesome sweetness.
Iranian black date syrup is often used in traditional Iranian desserts such as halva, baklava, and fereni, adding a distinctive taste.
It can be paired with nuts, such as almonds or pistachios, to create a delightful and indulgent treat.
Iranian black date syrup is not only popular in Iran but also gaining recognition worldwide for its unique taste and health benefits.The syrup's rich and complex flavor profile makes it a favorite among chefs and food enthusiasts who appreciate its versatility in various cuisines.The syrup can be used to make homemade jams, preserves, or chutneys, adding a unique twist to familiar recipes.Due to its thick consistency, Iranian black date syrup can be used as a topping for ice cream or yogurt, providing a luscious and flavorful addition.The syrup can also be used as a glaze for roasted meats or vegetables, caramelizing and enhancing the natural flavors.Iranian black date syrup can be mixed with tahini or nut butter to create a delicious and nutritious spread for toast or sandwiches.The syrup's natural sweetness makes it an excellent ingredient for homemade energy bars or granola, providing a healthier alternative to processed sugars.When using Iranian black date syrup in recipes, it is important to adjust the amount of liquid or other sweeteners to maintain the desired consistency and taste.The syrup's rich and dark color adds visual appeal to dishes, making them more enticing and appetizing.
 Iranian black date syrup can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to adults, as a natural and wholesome sweetener option.​​​​​​​

SHN factory treatment for producing Date Paste​​​​​​​

We transfer dates as soon as they are harvested from date farms to our cold warehouse in Tehran. The dates are stored in cold facilities to maintain their freshness. Then the dates are gone through washing, sorting and pitting processes. The pitted dates, then, go through a sterile blanching process that softens the date fibers and then the macerated pieces are extruded through multiple filter screens. The process ends with grinding the dates into a soft and smooth purée (paste) which is immediately dispensed into vacuum sealed packs. The packs maintain the freshness and softness of our date paste.​​​​​​​

Date Paste has unique properties. The Date Paste has Homogeneous & Non-Homogeneous texture and is Soft while the taste is pretty sweet (No added Sugar) and is 100% for human consumption. You can use it in varieties of Cakes, Desserts and other usages such as:
Home Use:
+ The Breakfast and Afternoon Snack Complementary
+ Marmalade for Producing Home Candy
+ Substitute Sweeteners for baby foods

+ Base for other ingredients such as sauces, jams
+ Confectionery goods such as Core of Cake, Filling for biscuits
+ Food & Beverage Industries such as Confectionery & Bars & Snacks & Chocolate & Dairy& Baked Goods &           
+ Baby Foods & Alcoholic Beverage and other Food & Beverage.

Date paste Usages​​​​​​​

Feel free to order your product for any packaging model you want. We mostly supply in bulk quantities, so we offer our products in bulk packing weights. However, if a customer needs their order in their desired size and weight,packaging materials can be put to use as per customer wish. We can add any other information per customer's request on their boxes. we recommend consulting our experts for the most suitable packaging according to the product you want.

Our Co is ready to prepare and export your products based on your desired packaging and label. Not only you can order your products by SHN Label on it, but also SHN CO allows customers to design their own label based on their interests including their name, logo, address or anything else according to their need.Let the globe get familiar with your brand story and make impressive impressions through SHN’s custom-designed packaging.


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